Take the Guesswork Out

So you’ve signed up for your first race. Now what? Do you just start running? If so, how far? How fast? When do you run? How do you fit everything into your already busy schedule? How do you get to the race in one piece? Where do you find the answers to all of these questions?

The answer lies in front of you – Red 3 Active provides the coaching backed by experience. Our coaches understand the demands of endurance training at all levels. Beginners, novice or elite athletes will benefit from a personalized training plan that fits their schedule while improving performance. As a Red 3 Athlete, you’ll have a dedicated coach to evaluate you throughout the process. Our endurance plans are not one-size-fits all in order ensure you improve fitness at your level, while avoiding injuries.

The race is a one-day event (or more depending on what you signed up for) and the experience can last a lifetime, depending on how you prepare for it. To put things into perspective, you’ll spend more time training for that one day. Use your time efficiently and prepare with Red 3 Active.


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To inspire healthy living and provide comprehensive support for individuals to take action and maximize performance.

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